Agricultural Spraying

Take advantage of the benefits of Aerial Application which includes: no ground compaction, or waiting on soil to dry, no damage to crops, evenly distributed application.

Timber Control

Needing timber cleared out to make pasture space, Ely Helicopter Services can help. We use a TEB/SPIKE 20P for our Timber Control Applications.

Aerial Photography

Need a birds eye view of your land? Ely Helicopter Services can help you grab that important shot.

Wildlife Surveying

Needing an accurate survey of the wildlife that is currently taking up residence on your land? Ely Helicopter Services can provide a detailed report of the wildlife near you.

Predator Control

Do you have feral hogs or coyotes on your land that are causing you problems. Ely Helicopter Services can help you control these nuisances on your property.

Land Surveying

Needing a quick survey of a large piece of property? Ely Helicopter Services can also provide you with detailed Land Surveys, complete with aerial photos.

Cattle Herding

Let Ely Helicopter Services locate and guide your herd back to the safety of your corral. With an aerial view we can also help spot sick or wounded cattle.

Pipeline|Powerline Patrol

Ely Helicopter Services is available for Pipeline and Powerline Patrol. From the air, we can help detect any threats that could affect your system's integrity.

Terms & Restrictions

  • Must give at least one day lead time for reservations.
  • Tour routes may change for weather, air traffic and or airspace restrictions.
  • Custom routes are available upon request and approval.
  • Each rider must sign a release of liability form.
  • Total weight per seat shall not exceed 275 lbs.
  • The total weight for all passengers, not including the pilot, shall not exceed 600 lbs.
  • Tours cannot exceed a radius of 25 miles from the departure destination.